Is hand-stitched leather more durable?

Among many debates, this is the most common point of discussion which is usually done to get a client satisfied. There are many people who prefer hand-stitched leather products due to their durability and look. Many believe that hand-stitched leather products take a lot of time. It’s true but you can also see the difference between a machine stitched and a hand-stitched product made from leather. Customers always look for something that stands with a sophisticated look with unique color and design. Leather products make it top of the list for them. 

Top 5 reasons why people like hand-stitched leather products: 

Whenever we discuss the hand-stitching of leather we must know the main reasons why people prefer to buy customized leather products. Here we have discussed the top 5 reasons why people like hand-stitched leather products as a gift or just an accessory for their place. 

  1. Durability of the products

leather products is one of the best products in the market. What makes them in demand is the durability of the products. It is commonly seen that people want to have something extra for their loved ones that they can have as a souvenir. 

  1. Variety of the product 

The leather products has a vast variety as now the trend is going up for all these hand-stitched leather products. There are many colors available for leather products that can be used in contrast with your room theme or the gift bearer’s personality. 

A small box, a small mat, or a piece of leather bag can make your place extra attractive. 

  1. Elegant look

Do you believe in looks? Well, looks do matters when they are used to judge your personality. The quality and confidence with the trending fashion can make you look more stylish and attractive. 

No matter what the product is, it gives the most satisfying touch as compared to other materials like nylon and linen. There is a distant smell of smoke and wood along with salt in most of the leather products. The softness and flexibility of leather give a graceful look. 

  1. Maintenance  

The leather products are very renowned for their low maintenance. They are strong and subtle because of their raw materials. It is easy to handle and doesn’t need any special or extra needs. 

Just a wipe of a damp cloth can make your leather products more attractive, just like a new one. 

  1. Not a limited edition

As you know that leather products have raw material derived from animal skin or fur, it is not a limited edition. They are always in fashion and don’t need any kind of special edition for them. They are always in fashion and make you look more elegant. 

Hand-stitching Techniques of Leather Products: 

A small holding bag looks very attractive with a small invisible stitching technique. These techniques are the main essential part of hand-stitching a leather product. They might look easy, but these are the basic steps that can define the crafter’s ability in the hand-stitched product. 

Håndlagde produkter
There are 7 different types of hand-stitching that can be used accordingly. 
  • Single Stitch.
  • Double-hand Stitch.
  • Saddle Stitch.
  • Cross Stitch.
  • Baseball Stitch.
  • Running Stitch.

These leather stitches add extra value and affection along with the design of the leather products. Crafters use these stitches to make leather products more elegant. The precision of these hand stitches can only be possible when the use of certain tools is done. 

The crafters make sure that before starting a hand-stitched leather product they have all the necessary hand-stitching tools. Let’s have a quick peek at the tools too. 

  • Waxed Thread
  • An Awl
  • Binder Clips
  • Chisel
  • Ten Blade
  • Soft Head Hammer
  • Stitching Pony
  • Stitching Groover
  • Stitching needles

These are the important tools that can make sure to make leather products more appealing and attractive. They help the crafter in making all the right snips and clicks, making sure the leather is well-stitched into an attractive product.