meet the crafter

Life is full of challenges, and after trying my luck in the business world, I thought to start something which can be done along with my love of life, my daughter.

The venture of leather crafting started with a random scrolling YouTube video, which caught our eye, and the adventure begins. I slept on the idea, searched all the pros and cons of the craft, and the market value of these things and after some time I agreed on this. Even though the idea was seemed to be difficult but when is it easier to do crafting?

It was a challenge that I was willing to take, and with the passage of time, we both grow together as we learned new things side by side with each other. There were many ideas that I didn’t have, but my daughter had them in her small creative mind, surprising me at each turn and making me realize, how big she has become. 

With each step forward, we learned many new things, a small snitch and a new technique, a new tool in our inventory, and many more. With time, I got the knowledge and ideas which helped us to enhance our business. We are operating successfully, taking orders, and working on new projects too.

Meet the crafter

meet the crafter: JAMIL

Name of the business

The next step after choosing leather crafting was to give a name to it. we all gave contributions to it, I, myself spent many days in study, looking for new, attractive names, thinking of ideas of how to call it, then eventually I decided to just work it up using my own family name. 

The logic in using my own family name was simple, I wanted it to be a part of me in my whole life, that’s why I decided to register it under the name of “Jamil”, officially bonding it with the family. 

What we offer

Here at, “JAMIL”, you would be astonished to see the level of creativity along with hard work. You would be pleased to see that we make all the articles with dedication and fulfill the expectations of our clients. The choosing of leather, the color, and the design selection, everything is done with the coordination of our client. This makes them on our list of satisfied customers.

I am passionate! I combine my life experience to give best result, every time. I take pride in my commitment to excellence, and it shows in the quality of my products. My dedication to customer satisfaction is unmatched.

Adventures of life

All my life, I have always been curious, trying new ventures, and stepping up to recognize hidden talent. Even though the journey was not easy but it sure was interesting and captivating, making me a slave of all the engagement it brings. For the past 13 years, I have been associated with photography and videography and I would say it was an amazing journey and I learned a lot of things from that too.  In past couple of years I have been doing woodworking, paining, calligraphy and much. I love reading books and spend time with my family. 

Leather crafting gives me joy and happiness I have never felt before. It gives me ease of stress and more motivation

I look forward to work with more creative projects. Feel free to contact med if you have anything in your mind. 

Working with leather opens my mind