Leather youtube channel

Handcrafting a leather product is something I never thought I would be doing. With the passage of time, I learned a few tricks and developed a connection while making a leather wallet or a mouse pad.

I always wanted the world to know about my special handcraft and what could be a better way than a youtube channel? The channel provides a greater variety of audiences who recognized and appreciate my work. I can reach millions of people all around the world. It might be possible that someone might get benefits from my video as a crafter.

To post the videos on my leather Youtube channel I just need to know the basic I.T skills which get polished with time. My dedication to my passion can be seen through my consistent videos. With each video, I can see more people engaging with my products.

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Made in Norway

Designed and Handmade with attention to detail and quality control over every single single step of process.
Bespoke leather products are able to weather the test of time with ease - they become softer and more supple with age.


Every product made is handstitched with the finest waxed thread to give best protection.

Basic tools for leather crafting

Professional tools

Professional hand tools are essential in making of finest products. They do the real magic in leather work.

Why I Prefer To Hand Pick Leather For My Leather Products

Handpicked leather

All leather is carefully selected for each project. Whether it´s for ready-made design or custom made.

Choose the size, shape, and style you desire, and create something that is just perfect for you.

100% Handmade

Handmade with attention to detail, quality control over every single single step of process.