Trollstigen – Maroon & Green

Trollstigen is inspired by mountain pass in Norway. This architecture is made by nature it self and is worth visiting in Norway. The color combination is inspired by the nature, where green represents the freshness of environment as in grass and the beauty and maroon represents depthness and force of the nature. Sometimes the inspiration of the […]


The Twist

The elegance, delicacy, and hard work of the crafter can be seen in this product. The design of this wallet is itself inspired by an architecture named Twist, which is in the middle of Kistefos sculpture park, a harmonious mixture of the architect, thus getting the name of “twist”. The blending of the two leathers, […]


The Royal

The Royal word means something which is of the highest value. The wallet gets this name, as it is made from the Royal class of finest leather. The leather used for the wallet is refined to its finest form resulting in the exclusive classic leather, helping the crafter blend it in a different color. The […]



The name “Rødøy” might give you a tongue twister but that is what makes it closer to the heart of the crafter. With the evolution of carrying money, the crafter also thought to give a new design and creativity along with the inspiration to one of the most beautiful places on earth.  The first look […]


Memory Card Wallet

This Memory Card Wallet provides an efficient and professional way to store up to 6 SD memory cards and small notes in one convenient holder. It is a must-have accessory for photographers, videographers and other content creators, ensuring your memory cards are kept safe and organised. Color combination of dark blue and brown makes it […]



In order to fulfill this virtuous purpose, is taking a step further with the launch of its sub-brand HUMANE. At the heart of HUMANE lies a deep-seated belief in the power of compassion. It is a commitment to extend a helping hand to those in need and advocating for the rights and welfare of […]



The word Fjord means, to cross over from one thing to another. The name, as well as the design of this wallet, was a challenge for the crafter because the idea to install the original design of the wallet with new technology was tricky. The wallet was made by keeping the idea of old civilization […]



The wallet may look like a simple one, but its charm is hidden in its curving design. If you take a closer look, the simpler design yet has the most extraordinary curving of the pocket lines. The wallet is an extraordinary product, relishing the imagination and inspiration of the crafter which he got from the […]



Whenever you hear the word Besseggen, the first thing that comes in mind is the hiking route of Norway, and that’s where the inspiration comes too. The crafter is always attracted with the hidden meanings which are somehow associated with the beautiful sceneries all around us. The product is specifically designed with the colors green […]


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