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The wallet may look like a simple one, but its charm is hidden in its curving design. If you take a closer look, the simpler design yet has the most extraordinary curving of the pocket lines. The wallet is an extraordinary product, relishing the imagination and inspiration of the crafter which he got from the mountainous range of Dovre.

The wallet is finished with its neat stitching, making it an amazing job for the crafter.

The pockets present on both sides are made to contain more than few cards, distributed according to the size. The inside pockets can carry all your important cards. The separation of the left side pockets is done by the change of leather, making it easier for the person to differentiate between them. The small pockets can easily carry small token cards and a few important office cards. They are easily accessible to everyone and help them organize their things.

As you all know that wallets came from a long background and using them was once part of the tradition. Here at J-leather, we try to keep up that tradition with the variety and indulgence of new designs with the crafter’s inspiration. The use of leather is always recommended with the finest quality, making it a good gift for your loved one.

The color combination of brown and black complement each other, making a clear sophisticated wallet that matches the personality. The wallet colors can show and symbolizes your comfort with the things that are organized within your reach.

  • Italian vegetable tanned leather
  • Hand stitched
  • 3 pockets on left and 2 pockets on right side
  • Fits upto 4 cards in front left and upto 20 business cards or important notes or banknotes.
  • Burnished edges
  • Size: W: 8,9 cm H: 12 cm
  • 100% Handmade in Norway


All orders are made to order. 


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