• Rødøy - Leather wallet with a tongue twister
  • Rødøy Back - Leather wallet with a tongue twister
  • Rødøy in a gift pouch and box



The name “Rødøy” might give you a tongue twister but that is what makes it closer to the heart of the crafter. With the evolution of carrying money, the crafter also thought to give a new design and creativity along with the inspiration to one of the most beautiful places on earth. 

The first look on the wallet will leave you thinking about the line cuts, whether they are irregular on purpose or by mistake. If you take a closer look, these line cuts are designed in a way that shows the mixing of old and modern civilization at the Rødøy municipality. The inspiration gets tricky with the soft dark blue leather and bold red color with a slight rough texture. The wallet is designed with a mixture of modern and old art, making it a great display of plastic money, cards or any important document which needs to be with you all the time.  

A small display can make you feel connected to the world, and to the memories of a small family trip. No matter how down you feel, one looks on the wallet and it can give you hope and inspiration to fight harder to achieve your dreams. 


  • Italian vegetable tanned leather
  • Hand-stitched – Saddle Stitch
  • 1 pocket on each side and 1 in middle.
  • Fits upto 2 cards in each side and folded banknotes in middle
  • Burnished edges
  • Size: W: 7,3 cm H: 10 cm
  • 100% Handmade in Norway

All orders are made to order. 


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