Why I Prefer To Hand Pick Leather For My Leather Products?

Have you ever wondered why the price range of the same product variate in most shops? These are because of the quality of the product. For some, all the leather products are the same, but if you are habitual in buying and customizing leather products then you must know there is a huge difference in the quality of products. 

How I hand pick leather for my projects?

As a crafter, I always prefer to hand-pick the leather for the leather projects. This increases its durability and efficiency along with its extraordinary look. Leather is the only raw material used in the crafting of the product. What we believe here at J-Leather, is if we use the best and finest quality of leather, it might be expensive for the buyer, but the resulting leather product will be beautiful as well as an amazing piece that will be long-lasting.

Story of Leather

Being a new crafter, the very first thing you should search for is the story of leather, which makes it very easy to choose which kind of leather to choose for your leather product. The life of leather starts from getting it as a raw material. 

The leather undergoes processes of processing, desalination, tanning, retaining, dyeing, and finishing. These steps make sure that the end product is of the finest quality which can be used in making different types of products. Before starting the shipment, there are a few tests that ensure the quality of the leather. These include color determination, abrasion, fading, and stability. 

5 reasons to buy leather goods
Vegetable Tanned Leather Or Chrome Tanned Leather

This is the most common debate which leather crafters check regularly. There are many differences between Vegetable tanned leather and Chrome Tanned Leather. A few of the most common differences are discussed below: 

  1. Vegetable tanning processes use natural materials in the process of tanning while chrome-tanned leather uses Chromium in the process. 
  2. Vegetable tanned leather is thick and can be used in making thicker products while chrome-tanned leather is thin, which is best for making low-quality of leather products. 


There might be a few advantages of using Chrome Tanned Leather, out of which the most important one is its quality to repel. This is a good quality whenever the leather crafter is making some wallets, shoes, or an outer of a purse or a bag. This helps in making the object non-absorbent. 

Top grain vs. Full grain leather

Full grain leather is the highest grade leather and is leather that has had the hair removed but other then that the surface has not been corrected or altered in anyway. 

Top grain is the 2nd highest grade leather. And it is leather that has been split in thickness. So it is a thinner more pliable leather that is still very strong and durable. Most of your higher end leathers are going to be top grain.

Corrected grain leather refers to leather that has had the top surface buffed in order to remove scars from insect bites or scratches.

In general steer clear of anything called bonded leather, split leather or anything that claims to be “genuine” leather. These are really cheap leathers that are not durable or quality leather.

What type of Leather do I use?

Almost 80% of the world’s leather can be described as chrome tanned. Which means vegetable tanned is more exclusive and pricey. Don´t worry! I have established good relations with tanneries and distributors around the world. 

I use 100% vegetable tanned (vegtan) top and full grain, depending on project. I do a lot of custom projects and then is customer given different alternatives of type, color of leather, color of threads and so on. If you are interested in custom order for you or your beloved please feel free to contact me.